Where can I purchase products from Alpine Furniture, Inc.?

We have many local dealers throughout California as well as Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico as well as a growing amount of dealers nationwide. Our products can also be purchased from many fine online retailers. 

Please visit the WHERE TO BUY page for more information.


I’m a furniture dealer, how do I open an account with Alpine Furniture, Inc.?

Please follow the steps on how to open an account with Alpine Furniture, Inc. found on the BECOME A DEALER page.


Are Alpine Furniture, Inc. products made out of solid wood?

We attempt to provide solid wood for all of our furniture. However, there are some exceptions. Since solid wood has the tendency to contract in dry climates, and expand in humid ones, most of our dining table tops and case good tops are made with wood veneers (and MDF). The other parts of the furniture are usually made with solid wood.

If you have any questions concerning a certain piece of furniture, please feel free to send an email to one of our customer service agents.


Does Alpine Furniture, Inc. offer a manufacturer’s warranty on their products?

Alpine Furniture, Inc. offers a one year warranty on products with manufacturer’s defects. Items damaged through standard use and wear and tear will not be covered by the warranty.

All claims must be submitted through the dealer that the item was purchased with to determine if the damage is covered by our warranty.

For Damage & Warranty Claims, please complete this form


There is a California Proposition 65 warning label on my products, what is this for?

Please see the PROPOSITION65 page for more details about this warning label. 


I received a suspicious email that is offering a job position with Alpine Furniture, Inc. Is this offer legitimate?

No, this is SPAM! Alpine Furniture, Inc. will never solicit anyone regarding any job positions through email.

Please report all suspicious emails using company name to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding the suspicious email to: spam@uce.gov